Engage with your persecuted family


  • Take Action

    Take Action

    How can you fellowship with those who are suffering for the Name of Christ?
    Together with The Voice of the Martyrs Canada, you'll find that there is a variety of ways you can be personally involved in serving persecuted Christians around the world.

  • Pray

    "Against the persecution of a tyrant, the Godly have no remedy but prayer." John Calvin

    Everywhere The Voice of the Martyrs Canada ministers, the first request of persecuted Christians is often: "Pray for us."

    Click here for a list of Scriptures to pray through on behalf of our persecuted family.

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  • Write Letters

    Today, many Christians are languishing in prisons around the world. They endure daily emotional and physical torture because they refuse to surrender to dictatorial governments and ideologies, choosing instead to remain loyal to Jesus Christ.

    As Christians, we are to "remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them, and those who are mistreated, since you are also in the body" (Hebrews 13:3). Letter-writing is an effective way to raise awareness and deliver hope to those who otherwise might feel forgotten.

    You can be an advocate for persecuted Christians – a voice for the voiceless – by assuming the important ministerial role of pleading for or on behalf of another by highlighting injustice and inhumanity.

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  • Volunteer

    Join The Voice of the Martyrs in raising awareness for the persecuted Christians. A great way for you to join us is to become a VOMC Volunteer.

    Click here to fill out our Volunteer Interest form, or contact our office at 1-888-298-6423.

    “If anyone serves Me, him My Father will honour.” John 12:26

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    Volunteer positions available:

    Church Representative
    Prayer Partner
    Office Volunteer

    VOMC Ambassador

    Join our growing number of Ambassadors across Canada and receive the opportunity to raise awareness of worldwide persecution of Christians. You will have opportunities to present to congregations, youth groups, small groups, Bible studies, Sunday school classes, Christian schools and other group settings in your local area. You will also distribute VOMC literature and encourage others to get involved in raising awareness. As an Ambassador, you will be fully supported with training, resources, advice and prayer.

    VOMC Church Representative

    Church Representatives are crucial links between the persecuted church worldwide and the local church in Canada. As a Church Representative, you will raise awareness and encourage your church to support persecuted Christians by providing literature, information and prayer alerts. You will also encourage participation in VOMC campaigns. Like our Ambassadors, Church Representatives are fully supported with training, resources, advice and prayer.

    VOMC Envoy

    VOMC Envoys serve the vital role of sharing the message of the persecuted church with believers in their sphere of influence. They serve by distributing VOMC materials in their community, organizing VOMC speakers for their prayer group or church, and encouraging other Christians to get involved in supporting persecuted believers. VOMC Envoys are supported with training, resources, advice and prayer.

    Prayer Partner

    The prayer partners fulfill a crucial role by praying for the persecuted, the Voice of the Martyrs ministry, and in-country ministry partners working directly with the persecuted in hostile and restricted countries.

    The prayer partners encourage and lead local Christians to join in prayer group(s) for study, fellowship and prayer.

    VOMC Office Volunteer

    Do you live within driving distance of our office in Oakville, Ontario? Do you have some free time each week through which you can serve the Lord? Perhaps you work part time or are retired, and have an interest in serving your persecuted brothers and sisters. Join other office volunteers at VOMC’s headquarters!

    VOMC is looking for committed volunteers who can serve in our office on a regular basis. We’ll provide required training. You can serve our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ by performing a variety of important functions.